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Don't kiss off the 'The Virgin Diaries'

There are some things you can't ever un-see, and the first kiss shared between a bride and groom who have never gone beyond whatever base it is that involves Eskimo or butterfly kisses definitely qualifies. Described by one office mate here at 30 Rock as a human reenactment of a mama bird feeding her young, the (somewhat terrifying) kiss is a window into the pure souls of a subset of 30-year-old virgins, who have chosen to be part of TLC's "Virgin Diaries" special.

After seeing the special (which airs on TLC this Sunday) and spending some 40-odd minutes with my jaw agape and eyebrows raised, it seemed imperative to speak to some of the people who were part of this really intimate, and sensitive look into an oft-mocked life choice. Carey Ahr, a 35-year-old virgin who participated in the show, and Timothy Kuryak, TLC's VP, Production and Development, joined me for The Scoop on MSNBC TV to talk about why the show was an important one to film, and why Ahr wanted to tell his story.

So check out our chat, and then, for the love of God, you should go straight to the DVR and set it for "The Virgin Diaries," this Sunday. You'll be glad you did.

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