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Dragged out race annoying GOP voters?

A fight to the death may not be what Republicans want to see in the primary race, and Newt Gingrich promised to cling to the bitter end: the convention.

"I think Romney's got a very real challenge in trying to get a majority at the convention. We will go all the way to the convention," Gingrich threatened on Sunday. "I believe the Republican Party will not nominate a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase moderate from Massachusetts."

But, a new Pew Research poll suggests that's the last thing voters want to hear. Earlier this month, 44% of Republican-leaning voters rated the GOP candidates as only fair to poor. Today, 52% feel that way. So the more they get to know the pool of candidates, the more dissatisfied they become as the race drags on — they're kinda over it.

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Mitt Romney is on track to win the Florida primary on Tuesday. A new NBC/Marist poll shows the former Massachusetts governor leading the former speaker by 15 points, 42 percent to 27 percent.