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'Dream On' v. 'Roadrunner': Official TRMS Endorsement

In our comments section yesterday, viewer Beth Arnold asked: "Hope someone asks Rachel to comment on the most hotly debated question in Commonwealth at the moment...does she support the 70's punk rock song, "Roadrunner" as the rock song of Massachusetts? #RoadrunnerForMA!"

After a quick whaaa? I did some poking around: It turns out that that two songs are vying to become the official rock song of the  Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The first: the ubiquitous 1972 smash "Dream On" by an obscure Boston band called Aerosmith.

Rep. Josh Cutler (D-Duxbury) co-sponsored a bill with Rep. James Cantwell  (D-Marshfield) that would designate "Dream On" as the official rock song of the Bay State.  Rep. Cutler said,  ""("Dream On" is a) classic ballad that's all about holding on to your dreams and seizing opportunity."

In the other corner, Representative Martin “Marty” Walsh of Dorchester filed a bill in favor of  the punk anthem "Roadrunner" (also from 1972) by the Modern Lovers

Given the song's propulsive spirit and lyrics like  "I'm in love with Massachusetts" and name checks to Stop & Shop and Route 128, it seems like a strong contender.  Said rock writer Nick Hornby, "I think anything that celebrates a place, and survives, is special. And that’s what ‘Roadrunner’ does for Massachusetts.”  Diplomatically, Governor Deval Patrick refused to choose sides on this issue telling  a reporter, " I'm not even sure what you're talking about.

Meanwhile, to answer Beth Arnold's question, where does Massachusetts resident Rachel Maddow stand on this burning topic? Quote:

"Between the two, I'm 'Roadrunner,' big time." 

Fight amongst yourselves.