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Drought of action

As the United States experiences the worst drought in more than a half century, Washington is once again in a state of paralysis, unable to reach a deal to provide comprehensive disaster relief to the nation's breadbasket.

The result: farmers are racking up $18 billion in losses. Ranchers, unable to afford the skyrocketing price of feed, are being forced to slaughter their livestock. The Obama Administration, trying to prevent a glut, announced earlier in the week that it was buying $170 million worth of meat and putting it in a freezer. And consumers around the globe are bracing for higher food prices next year.

In several years this could all be commonplace. As if on cue, a scary new report came out predicting that drought is the new normal for the next 100 years. Yet Washington lawmakers are also doing nothing to pass legislation that would curb greenhouse gases and address climate change, the likely root of the world's bizarrely extreme weather.