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Ed called it: Paul Ryan to campaign with his mommy

Paul Ryan is taking his radical plan to dismantle Medicare to potentially hostile Florida, but not without his mommy by his side.

On Tuesday’s The Ed Show, Ed predicted the Republicans would be "literally running to their mommies" during the campaign in an attempt to trick voters into thinking they would never cut Medicare.  Watch the video:

Lo and behold, we got word this afternoon that Elizabeth "Betty" Ryan Douglas of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, the 78-year-old mother of vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, is scheduled to join her son on the campaign trail this weekend.

The Sun Sentinel newspaper reports Ryan’s mother will attend a rally with her son on Saturday at the Villages, the world’s largest retirement community located about 60 miles northwest of Orlando in Central Florida.  It will be Ryan's first appearance in Florida since Mitt Romney picked him to be his running mate.

On Tuesday’s show, Ed showed us “the official Republican playbook that instructs candidates to deceive voters by hiding behind their mother`s skirts.” 

Ed pointed out that last year in Nevada, Republican Mark Amodei was neck and neck with Democrat Kate Marshall for an open congressional seat. The National Republican Congressional Committee wanted to convince voters that Amodei would never cut Medicare, even though he supports the Ryan budget. 

So what do they do? They used his mother.  Watch the video:

Amodei beat Marshall.  Voters believed his mom, but he still supports the massive cuts to Medicare in the Ryan budget.

Not yet convinced this "mom" strategy is part of the Republican playbook?  Watch this video from Republican Rick Berg, who is running for the U.S. Senate in North Dakota : 

And this video from U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Michigan):

And Amodei's mom made a second appearance in this campaign ad:

“How long before we see Paul Ryan's mom on the campaign trail?,” Ed asked Tuesday (the answer ended up being only four days!).  “The big Medicare lie and the mom strategy are now part of the Republican playbook. The National Republican Campaign Committee is telling other candidates: go out and use the same methods."

By the way, Ryan plans to campaign with his mom at the same venue where Romney infamously sang America the Beautiful off-key, which was turned into a devastating ad by the Obama campaign.  Watch the video: