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Ed Rendell calls on Bain to open its books

Today on Al Sharpton's PoliticsNation, former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell raised direct questions about one of Mitt Romney's strongest resume points, his self-professed role as a job creator. 

As a founding partner of Bain Capital, the former Massachusetts governor regularly touts his record of job creation by overseeing the takeover of companies such as Staples and Domino's Pizza. But in light of news about Bain profiting while laying off workers—including at an Ohio steel mill and a Florida medical equipment manufacturer—Democrats are hitting Romney at the core argument for his candidacy.  

Rendell said that if Romney's Bain Capital was truly a job creator, the firm should open its books to a full investigation.

"Gov. Romney keeps saying that they created a whole lot more jobs than they closed down. Well he should open the books at Bain or tell Bain to open the books so the press can take a look at that and do an accurate computation," Rendell said. 

Rendell went to  question Romney's executive record as governor of a state with lackluster job growth during his term. 

"Governmental experience matters, too," Rendell said. "While he was governor of Massachusetts for four years, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 states in job creation." 

While Politifact notes that while its those rankings are accurate, Romney's term was stronger on jobs than his predecessor and successor.