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Ed Schultz announces his wife, Wendy, is battling ovarian cancer

Ed Schultz, who has been absent from The Ed Show during the past week, publicly confirmed today that his wife, Wendy, is battling ovarian cancer.

Ed called in to his radio show this afternoon to make the announcement (click here to listen).

"Last Wednesday this time, we found out that Wendy has ovarian cancer," Ed told guest-host Mike Papantonio, pausing to compose himself.  "It's been a real jolt to say the least, I mean it shakes you to your bones.  But she's a tough girl."

"She went through surgery yesterday. The doctors feel like they got it all of it," Ed continued.  "It was a very successful surgery, but we got a long way to go."

Ed said Wendy is "deeply touched" by messages of support, via social media (Facebook and Twitter) and email.

"The prayer warriors across of America who have just gotten into this and gotten behind her and her family, we can't thank everybody enough."

Ed also thanked his staff at both his radio and TV shows for covering for him during what he expects to be a prolonged absence from each program.

"Doing a radio and TV show isn't exactly what I'm thinking about right now," Ed said.  "I'm going to be with my wife through all of this."

"We both feel like we've been through the ringer, and you lose track of time, you lose track of what you're doing.  And everything changes, but we're going to be OK.  We're going to get through it."