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'ED Show' chart: Romney tax plan would hurt African-Americans

When Mitt Romney spoke to the NAACP convention in Houston, yesterday, he was short on specifics and long on tepid generalities.

You've probably already heard that he was booed a few times, especially when he promised to repeal Obamacare.  But Romney did receive some polite applause during the speech and a brief standing ovation at the end.

The NAACP released a statement thanking Romney for coming, but pointed out that his positions are a tough sell for in the African-American community.

"Unfortunately, much of his agenda is at odds with what the NAACP stands for - whether the issue is equal access to affordable health care, reforming our education system or the path forward on marriage equality."

For example, Romney has called for continued cuts in public sector jobs, which are 30% more likely to be filled by African-Americans than non-black workers.  He also supports voter ID laws that could disenfranchise 25% of black voters. 

Romney’s tax plan would raise taxes on those making less than $30,000 a year, while people on the opposite end of the scale get a tax cut.  The median income for African-American households is about $32,068.

Romney didn't talk about any of these things yesterday, for if he had, he would've been booed many more times.