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'Ed Show' playbook: Monday, Apr. 23

Mitt Romney is trying to trick college students into voting for him, but President Obama is putting money where his mouth is.

Van Jones, President and Co-Founder of the Rebuild the Dream, will discuss the fight over student loan interest rates.

Meantime, Romney wages war on the poor with a budget plan that is an all-out assault on social programs.  Ben LaBolt, Obama 2012 National Press Secretary, reveals who will be hurt by the Romney budget.

Bill O' Reilly catches a case of Allen West's Red Scare, calling former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and UC Berkeley Professor a communist.  Tonight, Reich joins Ed to respond.

Another big brand dumps ALEC and now the shadowy right-wing advocacy group (for "stand your ground" and voter ID laws) may have a problem with the IRS.  Robert Greenwald, President of Brave New Films, will explain.

The player formerly known as Ron "Metta World Peace" Artest is in big trouble over this assault.  Should he be tossed from the league forever?

And in the Big Finish, Gov. Scott Walker's big mouth gets him into trouble yet again.  Ruth Conniff, Political Editor of The Progressive Magazine, looks at Wisconsin’s new and ugly job data.

It's going to be yet another packed @EdShow at 8pET on @msnbctv.

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