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'ED Show' playbook: Tue., Aug. 14

84 days until the 2012 election and the Romney-Ryan lies about Medicare have turned into a full-on campaign push.  Tonight, we'll show you the official Republican playbook that instructs candidates to deceive voters by hiding behind their mothers' skirts.

Former health insurance executive Wendell Potter exposes the campaign of lies (click here to read Potter's fascinating Lean Forward column Ryan is a 'dream come true' for health insurance industry) and Howard Fineman weighs in on whether or not it will work.

Then, Paul Ryan could have a big impact on some congressional races, but not in a way Republicans hoped. Ed will talk with North Dakota Democratic Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp.

Righties are comparing Paul Ryan to President Reagan, but one of Reagan's budget architects says Ryan's budget doesn't compare.  Ed will look at the numbers with David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and columnist for Reuters.

Republicans in Washington are comparing the Paul Ryan VP pick to "the day the music died."  Is the Romney-Ryan ticket a real loser?

The Big Panel (Joy Reid of the, Republican strategist Susan Del Percio, and attorney and author Catherine Crier) weighs in that.

President Obama officially lets the dogs out, but the Romney camp is howling mad about the president's dog-on-the-roof jab.

And in the Big Finish, the Romney campaign claims Vice President Joe Biden used racially coded language in his newest attack on Mitt Romney.  Michael Eric Dyson joins Ed to set the record straight.

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