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Ed: Wisconsin voters 'may be voting for a criminal'

Ed Schultz is warning Wisconsin voters that "they may be voting for a criminal" in the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker, set for June 5.

"This John Doe investigation has reeled off a bunch of people who have come forward and been charged with felonies," Ed said  on MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.  "These are his people, so we don't know where that is going."

Ed was referring to the secret "John Doe" investigation in which five staffers who served under Walker when he was Milwaukee County executive are facing criminal charges ranging from campaigning on county time to embezzling money from a veterans program.

Walker has not been implicated in the scandal, but he's hired criminal attorneys using money from a legal defense fund.

Roberts asked Ed about reports that show Walker leading in the polls, that he has become a champion for conservatives and that some people speculate he may even get a place on the Romney ticket.

"I think that would be great," Ed said.  "There has been no governor that has attacked the middle class more than Scott Walker so if they put him on the ticket – win, lose or draw in Wisconsin – it would be the dream tickets for the Democrats because he is so vulnerable."

Ed welcomes Walker's Democratic challenger, Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, tonight on The Ed Show at 8pET on MSNBC!