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Effects of Twitter

Per usual when a political decision is announced the social media world goes crazy. Today was no different. After the Supreme Court upheld the health care law the twitter universe up in arms with comments. Some of the trending words for today were:











MSNBC was no different. Using the #HCMSNBC we received some very interesting tweets. See below for a few and check back on for more information on this decision.

@ehronpratt This decision proves that ‪#SCOTUS does not get into partisan politics. Well done and great example Justices. ‪#HCMSNBC ‪#ACA‪#fb


@Pastorlmdew: now all 50 states can move forward and start putting in place all aspects of the affordable healthcare act ‪#HCmsnbc

‏@JoshWolderufael: Health Care is a fundamental right of the people and never should an individual be without Health Care. ‪#HCMsnbc


‏@_iAmMandi_: Health care is a human right. ‪#HCMSNBC