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Emotions run high as eviction leads to protest in northern Spain

Activists from the
Activists from the
Riot police try to arrest members of the

Photos and text by Eloy Alonso / Reuters:

Protesters tried to prevent the eviction of an Ecuadorian family unable to maintain its mortgage payments in Oviedo, northern Spain. Jorge Cordero, his wife Patricia and five-month-old daughter Amanda were evicted because they could not keep up mortgage payments to the Cajastur bank. Seventeen people locked themselves in the apartment with the owner and around 200 people gathered outside to try and stop the eviction. Jorge's wife and baby daughter were not present in the apartment during the eviction. Twenty people were arrested. The plight of over one million Spanish people facing a crippling mortgage debt is increasingly attracting public support as an anti-eviction movement places pressure on politicians to act.

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Activists from the

Riot police take cover from water thrown from balconies by protesters of an anti-eviction social movement.

Spanish riot police restrain a member of the

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