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Everything you want to know about White House salaries

What's more fun (or depressing) than finding out how much someone else makes? Today is our lucky day because the White House has posted the 2012 annual report to Congress which details their salaries.

Here are a few highlights:
Jay Carney $172,200
David Plouffe $172,200
Dan Pfeiffer $172,200
Valerie Jarrett $172,200
Jack Lew $172,200

There seems to be a pattern amongst senior staff.

A few more interesting observations on the list: A White House Chief Calligrapher makes $96,725, a Senior Scheduler makes $58,000, and an Ethics Advisor makes $136,134.

The White House has been required to deliver this report, detailing the title and salary of every White House Office employee, since 1995. Check out the full list here.