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Ewww! How to punch a hole in your gut with two iPads

If you happen to have two iPad 2s laying around, you've got yourself one cool costume. Here, let someone from NASA demonstrate how it's done for you.Mark Rober

I think we've come upon the runaway hit costume of the 2011 Halloween season. Of course, this costume is going to cost you a pretty penny to execute.

That's because you'll need two iPad 2s to pull off this creepy, disgusting but totally awesome outfit which just so happens to make it look as though someone has shot and/or stabbed a hole right through the middle of you.

The man behind the costume is Mark Rober, who works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. As he explains in the below video, all you need is two iPad 2s running Facetime video chat, some fake blood and a shirt you don't mind ripping a gaping hole into.

Oh yeah, you'll also need Wi-Fi to make Facetime work. If there's none to be found as you go trick-or-treating tonight,  you can fix the problem by carrying a portable hot-spot with you.

Hmmm...this gives me an idea for my own costume tonight. Zombie makeup plus two iPhones running Facetime affixed to my head. Voila. I've got a hole in my head! Just remember, you heard it here first.

(Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.)

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