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Exclusive: Wisconsin voter describes robocall telling him not to vote

A Wisconsin voter received a robocall Monday night falsely informing him that if he had already signed a recall petition, he didn't need to vote in Tuesday's recall, he told Lean Forward.

Ed Tuite of Eau Claire said the call came around 8pm Monday night, and that it did not identify the person or group behind the effort.

"That would be as blatant voter suppression as I've heard," Tuite fumed, adding he and his wife weren't taken in, and voted Tuesday morning.

Tuite's account jibes with several other reports of similar calls, some of which have noted that the caller's voice sounded suspiciously like that of Tom Barrett, the Democratic candidate for governor. Tuite said the voice in his call, too, sounded like Barrett's.

Gov. Scott Walker's campaign has denied having any role in the robocalls.