Explosion Damages Bathroom at Japan’s Controversial War Shrine

Blast at Controversial War Shrine in Tokyo, Japan 0:31

TOKYO — An explosion hit a bathroom at a controversial Tokyo war shrine Monday, police told NBC News.

Seen as potent symbol of the country's militaristic past, the Yasukuni Shrine was holding an annual harvest festival and there were more than the usual number of visitors.

No injuries were reported and the festival concluded without any further incident, a spokesman for the shrine told NBC News.

Image:  A dog squad inspects the Yasukuni shrine
A dog squad inspects a controversial war shrine in Tokyo after an explosion hit a nearby toilet on Monday. FRANCK ROBICHON / EPA

A witness reported hearing an explosion at around 10 a.m. local time and then seeing smoking coming out of the bathroom, a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department spokesman said.

Citing police sources, public broadcaster NHK reported that a 11.8-inch hole was found above one of the stalls, along with batteries and wires.