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Facebook for Android app gets a makeover


The Facebook for Android app has received a significant — and rather necessary — makeover. It is now speedier, better organized, and more appealing than ever.

According to a post on the official Facebook blog, the updated app is beginning to show up in the Android Market. The key improvements in the new version include upgrades to the photo tools, changes to the main navigation pane and simpler access to messages.

It's now easier for users to view or edit comments, captions and tags on photos. And Facebook claims that it'll be possible to navigate through photos and albums twice as fast as in the previous Android app.

There is a main navigation pane which slides out from the left side of the screen and messages or notifications can pop down when necessary. (Yes, those particular details may sound incredibly familiar to those who use Facebook's iPhone app.)

Assuming that this newly makeover app isn't as prone to crashing as some of its predecessors, I'd say that Facebook deserves a little round of applause for finally getting things into shape for Android users.

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