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Fact Check: RomneyCare 2, 'Government choice' and state solutions

Mitt Romney, in his op-ed in USA Today yesterday, laid out some of what he would like to do on health care. But he made a couple of points that we thought should be looked at.

1. Romney calls for “better consumer choice (as opposed to bureaucratic, government choice under ObamaCare)”.

There is no government choice for most people under the health law that passed last year. (Remember the public option?) There are government plans set up for adults with preexisting conditions who are denied coverage. And there are government-run long-term care program set up. (For those who participate in that, people pay premiums for five years and then will receive benefits if they need them -- “whether they are 20-somethings in snowboard accidents or 80-somethings with Parkinson’s disease,” the New York Times wrote.)

2. Romney also writes, “…different states will experiment with and settle on the solutions that suit their residents best.”

Obama said in March that if states have a better way to implement the health law, then they can present a plan and opt out – and he supported moving up the timeline.