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Fact checkers, media spend the day ripping Paul Ryan's 'dishonest' speech

Paul Ryan may have fired up his GOP base with a passionate, polished speech Wednesday night—but he also enraged fact checkers, even at mainstream outlets, across the nation.

On Thursday, several media organizations skewered the Wisconsin lawmaker's misleading remarks during his primetime address at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Among the inaccuracies and distortions they pointed out: 

- Ryan suggesting Obama failed to rescue a GM plant in the GOPer's hometown of Janesville, Wis. (It closed before Obama stepped into the White House).

- Ryan ripping Obama for not listening to recommendations of a bipartisan debt commission (Ryan was on the commission and voted against the report).

- Ryan accusing Obama of funneling $716 billion from Medicare (the same type of "cuts" Ryan once defended by cutting reimbursement rates to healthcare providers and not from seniors' benefits). 

NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd said Team Romney told him they aren't concerned about the media pushback.

"They think they can float above this, and who knows they may be right," said Todd, adding "They think that the credibility of the overall media is so low right now" and that fact checking will have "limited political impact on them for the fall campaign." 

Other media takedowns of Ryan, as documented by Talking Points Memo, include Washington Post opinions editor James Downie branding the speech as "breathtaking dishonest." The Boston Globe editorial page said Ryan's speech may "hurt his own credibility."

And even Fox News anchor Chris Wallace admitted "there are some things that I think were factually questionable."

It is still yet to be seen if fact checkers and the media find as many distortions in Mitt Romney's speech, which begins shortly after 10 p.m tonight.