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Family fulfills dying man's wish: $500 tip for waitress

A Kentucky man's family fulfilled his dying wish when they left a $500 tip to their waitress at a Lexington restaurant a few days after he died, the NBC station WLEX in Lexington. And that wish has turned into something bigger.

Before he died July 7, 30-year-old Aaron Collins told his family he wanted to eat pizza and leave the server a large tip, but didn't have the money, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported

His family raised the money through a website that Collins' brother Seth started

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Days later, they went to have lunch at a pizza parlor and handed the waitress the $500 when they were done, the paper reported. 

The event was captured on video and is posted on the family's website.

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The waitress can be heard saying, "Are you kidding me?"

According to the website, more than $10,000 has been donated since Thursday. 

Collins' family said they plan on raising more money and giving out big tips weekly to other servers as long as they can.

The newspaper report did not say what Collins died of.

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