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FBI: Los Angeles model Kourtney Reppert is victim of stalker, harassment

Los Angeles model Kourtney Reppert has nearly 200,000 Facebook fans, one of whom is now in federal custody, charged with Internet stalking, according to FBI officials.

Luis Plascencia, 47, of Chicago was arrested Tuesday by Chicago’s Violent Crimes Task Force.

"A random threat on the Internet is something we've all experienced, but this was a specific targeting with death threats to a victim and the family," said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

According to the complaint, Plascencia stalked Reppert by sending numerous threatening and harassing messages via e-mail and Facebook.

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Some of the messages indicated that Plascencia possessed detailed personal information about the alleged victim, including her home address and the address of several of her friends and family members.

According to authorities, one of the messages read: "I hope you die in an automobile accident and crush your ugly face through the windshield and a large piece of glass cuts your throat."

According to the FBI, those messages were traced back to Plascencia’s personal email account. The accused used at least 10 different e-mail accounts, according to investigators.

Placscencia is being held without bond. His next court appearance is Friday.

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