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Feeding zebras & the life of Newt Gingrich

How much does it cost to feed a zebra?  Newt Gingrich knew the answer to that when he was ten years old!  His campaign released a 16 minute film on the life and times of Newton Leroy McPherson.  We planned to run part of it in our segment on the 2012 race, but ran out of time.  Here are some gems from the video: how Newt used to play on tanks being used for rifle grenade practice, the first words that come to mind in describing his wife ("remarkably attractive"), and, as Alex Wagner tweeted this morning, the slew of references to cookies and zoos in the first two-minutes.

Also out today, the Obama 2012 campaign released new footage from their documentary, which is due out this Thursday.  In it, former President Clinton describes a decision he hopes he would have made in office.  Take a look, and tell us what you think of both campaign docs.