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Finally! You can drink with Kathie Lee and Hoda


Fans of Kathie Lee and Hoda now have another way to show their love: You can now, as Kathie Lee puts it, “drink out of us.”

The KLG and Hoda mugs have finally arrived and are available for pre-order online, expected to be in stock at the NBC Universal store in New York City by mid-July. The mugs are white ceramic and available in two styles — one with a cartoon of KLG and Hoda on the side and another with a photo. 

They’ve been a long time coming, as the ladies first showed off the mugs in early June. “What takes so long to get mugs made?” Hoda asked.

“Thats not the question,” KLG said. “The question is...why do you want one?” 

Hoda regarded the $14 price tag of the mug as a little steep. “That’s expensive for a mug,” she said. 

“I have nothing to say about this,” KLG said. “We don’t get a penny of it. If you like us, and you want to drink out of us, who are we to judge? We’re very happy that you do.” 

She added that they make a great gift. contributor Jillian Eugenios can't wait to add the new mug to her KLG and Hoda merchandise collection, which also includes their adorable wine charms.