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FLASHBACK: John Kerry on MTP — April 18, 1971

Senator John Kerry (D-MA), who is poised to oversee the State Department in President Obama's second term, will be in charge as the War in Afghanistan is brought to a close. In 1971, after returning from service in Vietnam, the former Navy Lieutenant Kerry was a vocal critic of the conflict in southeast Asia. In his first appearance on Meet the Press on April 18, 1971, watch above as Kerry speaks out against the war with Al Hubbard, a former Air Force Captain.

The two men were in Washington for a five-day anti-war demonstration as leaders of the group "Vietnam Veterans Against the War."

Kerry gave a full-throated defense of his opposition to the war and also explained some of his broader views on the subject. When asked by moderator Lawrence Spivak if he was opposed to all wars, Kerry responded, "I would like to be opposed to all wars. Unfortunately, I don't think we are in a position as a nation or as a world at this moment to be."

Kerry later added: "We believe that there is no reason and no excuse and no justification for the loss of one more American life there or for the loss of more Vietnamese. This war can be ended and it should be ended now, and that is what we are here to say."

He argued that his experience as a veteran brings a "new kind of uniqueness" to the anti-war movement because "we are the first veterans of any war, while that was ir going on, to come back and say 'No' to that war."