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A flood of Walker nonsense

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) took to Twitter last night to share a curious perspective.

We should, at the outlet, probably put aside the theology behind this. Perhaps Walker believes there was a literal Noah who, along with his wife and kids, built a 300-cubit boat that housed two of every land animal on the planet (including, according to young-earth creationists, dinosaurs). Or perhaps he doesn't really believe this. I don't care.

What I do care about is the underlying governmental vision. To hear the Republican governor put it, Noah's ark "might have never been built" if the antediluvian patriarch had relied on "help from the government." And why is that? I suspect some Forest Service officials would have come in pretty handy. The CDC probably could have helped Noah and his family with some worthwhile vaccinations. Maybe FEMA could have helped give Noah some additional time to get the job done. I imagine the Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would have been (ahem) a Godsend.

What rankles, of course, is this notion "the government" is simply incapable of "helping" anyone do anything. I'd encourage Walker to consider the businesses that got off the ground because of loans from the Small Business Administration. Or the American enterprises that thrived after receiving tax incentives or relied on government creations like the Internet.

Or more to the point, perhaps Walker might take a look at the government subsidies that helped Mitt Romney get rich at Bain Capital.