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Fmr. GOP adviser: Ryan not necessarily a good choice

Paul Ryan may use Ronald Reagan as his guiding light in speeches but he has not necessarily followed a path that Reagan would have advocated and thus may not be Mitt Romney's best hope, according to former Reagan and Bush Administration policy adviser and frequent Last Word guest Bruce Bartlett.

Things might not have gone the way that Bartlett predicted on Friday when he wrote a column entitled "Paul Ryan Will Not Be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate" but some of the points he raises in his column in The Fiscal Times are still relevant to the Romney-Ryan Discussion. 

Here are some of Bruce Bartlett's key points:

  • Running with someone many Republicans would prefer at the top of the ticket won't help Romney, may just remind them that he was their last choice.
  • Ryan doesn’t appeal to any constituency that isn’t already in Romney’s pocket.
  • Romney’s political advisers want nothing to do with a VP who will inevitably make the abolition of Medicare the centerpiece of his campaign. The Obama campaign will guarantee that this is the case

You can read more of Bartlett's piece here.