Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Reveals He Has New Tumor

Rob Ford: I'll Face Cancer Head On 3:11

Toronto's scandalous former mayor, Rob Ford, who dropped a re-election bid to fight a rare abdominal cancer, announced Wednesday that a new tumor has been found on his bladder.

A spokesman said tests were underway to determine if the growth was related to his previous diagnosis of liposarcoma and whether it was malignant, but more treatment is planned.

"Councillor Ford and his family wish to extend their continued gratitude for the thoughts, prayers, and support that they have received during this difficult time," his office said in a statement.

Image: Rob Ford
Rob Ford walks to the entrance of the hospital at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto with his brother Doug on April 2. Steve Russell / Toronto Star via Getty Images file

Ford became an international punchline after he admitted smoking crack and being drunk on the job but refused to resign as mayor. After he fell ill, he dropped out of the race and ran instead for the City Council, winning a seat.

He underwent radiation and five rounds of chemotherapy before surgery in May to remove the liposarcoma.

Ford was recently back in the headlines when he stumped with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who ultimately lost a re-election bid to liberal Justin Trudeau.