French President Emmanuel Macron Dangles From Helicopter Over Sub

French President Emmanuel Macron is lowered from a helicopter to a nuclear submarine in the Atlantic. @EmmanuelMacron / Twitter

While Emmanuel Macron's visit to a nuclear submarine Tuesday may have been a standard part of presidential duties, his entrance was quite dramatic.

In the photo tweeted by the president's account, Macron, 39, the youngest French president since Napoleon Bonaparte, dangles from a wire as he is lowered from a helicopter to the deck of "Le Terrible."

Image: French president Emmanuel Macron speaks to the Captain and crew of the submarine "Le Terrible" from the operations centre of the vessel, whilst at sea
Macron speaks to the captain and crew of the submarine from the operations center of the vessel. Fred Tanneau / Pool via Reuters

Macron, a centrist, won the French presidential election in May over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Macron, who had never before held elected office, was handed the keys to the country and the nuclear codes by predecessor Francois Hollande.

Image: A view shows the submarine "Le Terrible" whilst at sea during a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to the vessel
The submarine "Le Terrible" at sea. Fred Tanneau / Pool via Reuters

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