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French rail company to pay out after delays cost commuter job

A court in France ordered the national rail company SNCF to pay 1,500 euros (about $2,000) to a commuter who said she lost her secretarial job because of repeated train delays, the BBC reported.

According to the report, Soazig Parassols, 25, argued that her trains from Amberieu-en-Bugey, a small town about 37 miles away from her job in Lyon, were delayed at least six times during an employment trial period in June 2010. She lost her job the following month because she was repeatedly late, the BBC said.

Delays ranged from 10 to 75 minutes, the BBC reported, and the law firm in Lyon where she worked said her late arrivals were hurting the company.

The court ruled this caused her stress.

Parassols was awarded another 1,500 euros in legal costs but, the BBC reported, the court decided she had not suffered financial loss. The woman was asking for 45,000 euros.

According to the BBC, SNCF has compensated commuters for delays before. The rail company paid a lawyer nearly 5,000 euros when he missed a connection to Nimes for a meeting.

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