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Friday's Mini-Report

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Deadly Green-on-Blue attacks in Afghanistan are becoming painfully common.

* Obama is clearly the worst anti-business socialist ever: "Stocks closed Friday near a fresh four-year high, chalking up a sixth straight week of gains, as a drop in Wall Street's 'fear gauge' and gains across all sectors suggested the market has room to move higher."

* White House weighs in on Russian punk band sentence: "The White House on Friday protested the conviction and 'disproportionate' two-year sentence handed down against three members of the punk band Pussy Riot, whose trial in Moscow for 'hooliganism' has sparked an international outcry."

* Israel: "Preparations in Israel for a possible war are focusing new attention on whether Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities and forcing an unwelcome debate in the thick of a presidential campaign about the U.S. role in stopping an Iranian bomb."

* It's a start: "The Obama administration will make nearly half a billion dollars available to states to create thousands of construction jobs and fix the nation's aging infrastructure."

* I continue to believe former DHS official Daryl Johnson's perspective is well worth paying attention to.

* The Obama campaign rolls out a "digital whiteboard" on Medicare policy.

* In Uganda, Bill Clinton meets again with Bill Clinton: "In 1998, then U.S. president Bill Clinton met a baby who was named after him in a village in Uganda. Now, fourteen years later, the former president was reunited with his 'Ugandan son'" (thanks to T.K. for the tip).

* The over-the-top affection Fox News personalities are showing for Paul Ryan gets a little creepier every day.

* And best of luck to Jon Ralston, one of the best in the business, in his new venture.

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.