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German police rescue DJ from 'sex mad' woman's home

A Munich disc jockey held for five hours as a sex slave by a 47-year-old German woman said on Monday he would press charges of sexual coercion and deprivation of freedom against a woman he had met just a few hours earlier in a local pub. 

The 43-year-old disc jockey named Dieter S. told Munich's T.Z. newspaper that he had to call police to rescue him from the woman's flat in Munich after she locked him inside, hid the key and forced him to have repeated sex with her. 

"She was sex mad and there was no way out of the flat," Dieter said. He told the daily, which had also earlier published a police report about the incident, that he had consensual sex with the woman three times earlier that day on Easter Monday. 

 "I was having a beer at the pub after work and met this woman -- and we hit it off right away," Dieter said, referring to their meeting at a pub in Munich's Ludwigsvorstadt district. "She was quite attractive," he added. 

But after the first consensual rounds, Dieter said he wanted to leave. He discovered she had locked the doors from the inside and hidden the key so he could not leave. He thought about trying to flee over the balcony but it was too high, he said. 

"I realized I was trapped and had to keep going until she fell asleep," Dieter said. "So we had sex five more times." 

As soon as the woman fell asleep, Dieter said he went out to the balcony and placed an emergency call to police on his cell phone. Police arrived 10 minutes later. 

The woman unlocked the door to let the authorities in. She then promptly propositioned the officers, police said. 

"She tried to persuade the police officers to join her in 'related activities' -- albeit unsuccessfully," Munich police wrote in a press release. 

The woman was taken into custody and later released. She now faces charges of sexual coercion and deprivation of freedom.


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