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Glee star Jane Lynch narrates Obama campaign LGBT video

Jane Lynch, who plays a teacher on Fox show Glee, is the voice of a new video from the Obama re-election campaign touting the president's record on LGBT rights and issues. The president's record was recently bolstered when he came out in support of same-sex marriage.

Lynch recently joined The Rachel Maddow Show and spoke about how she was moved by the president's statement on the subject.

“I don’t know if it will change history or if it was political calculus on his part, but I think President Obama does believe in the dignity of our relationships and in our right to exist.

In the campaign video released Wednesday, she intones: "In 2008 our country elected a leader who not only acknowledged the LGBT community but who embraced it. He counted us as friends. We elected a man who understood our struggles and who has pushed the nation forward toward equality."

H/t Morning Maddow via The Maddow Blog.