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Good Look: Breaking gender barriers in sports

It is hard to think of anything in the public sphere that is thought of as "outside of politics" that is quite as political as sports -- particularly when it comes to the issue of gender. Whether or not you follow them casually, closely, or not at all, I'd like to think that you can appreciate the history made in the Title IX era by legendary figures like Pat Summitt, who stepped down last week after 38 seasons coaching women's basketball at the University of Tennessee. Our discussion last week aimed at bringing out the larger political and social significance for everyone.

Last Saturday, Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, headed up a lineup of trailblazers of past and present to talk about where women's sports go from here. ESPN columnist Jemele Hill, Salon writer Rebecca Traister, and the co-founder of Black Girls Run, Ashley Hicks, were all a part of an engrossing conversation with Melissa that was accessible to all. Take a look at our Good Look.