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Good Look: Commencement is only the start

If Republicans aren't done with birtherism or Reverend Jeremiah Wright, they surely aren't done making cracks about the President using a TelePrompter. (The 2012 campaign...with fresh-from-2008 jokes!) Mitt Romney, to his credit, has embraced the TelePrompter, and two moments in his campaign over the past week underscored why he's a believer: first, a by-the-book, TelePromptered commencement address; then, an instantly infamous moment where he probably could've used one. (Romney's "I stand by what I said, whatever it was" gaffe was so embarrassing, the Obama campaign has already turned it into an ad.)

In politics, particularly when you're the challenger, it's important to stick to the script. Commencement addresses, when delivered by those in politics, are instantly political documents -- so is it best to just approach them as such? Leading off last Sunday's show, Melissa led a fascinating conversation on this topic, noting also the speeches given by the President and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Before we get started with today's show at 10am ET, it's worth revisiting this conversation. The second half of it, which focuses more strongly on the debate over marriage equality, lies below the jump.