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GOP likes its meat

Republican outrage continues this week against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which last week encouraged their employees to support a "Meatless Monday" health and environmental initiative.

In response, GOP Sens. John Cornyn (TX) and Charles Grassley (IA) sent around a photo today of a giant Monday order BBQ from Hill Country BBQ in downtown Washington, which included barbecue beef brisket, ribs and sausage.

The USDA first announced the initiative last week, which invited backlash from a number of lawmakers -- mostly Republicans -- whose states thrive on livestock industries.

The USDA did retract its position after coming under that pressure; it said in a tweet on July 25 that the suggestion that was sent around to employees in a July 23 USDA newsletter was not official policy.

Here's their tweet from July 25th:






Grassley had been piling on with these tweets:










"In some of the toughest times they’ve seen in recent memory, Texas cattle ranchers and farmers deserve an Administration who works with them, not one who undermines them with boneheaded decisions from bureaucrats in Washington,” Cornyn said in a paper statement today.

"This is a reminder to USDA that it’s supposed to advocate for American agriculture, not against it," added Grassley.