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Grandfather gives boy, 10, a leg tattoo -- all the kids removed from the home

Jerry Garrison says it's a family tradition to have your initials in ink on your body.

So he says he saw nothing wrong when his 10-year-old grandson wanted his initials tattooed on his leg, NBC station of WTLV of Jacksonville, Fla., reported. 

The Florida Department of Children and Families visited Garrison's home for another matter, spotted the tattoo and told him, yes, that was a problem. 

The agency removed all of the grandchildren who were in the home and placed them in foster care, the station reported. It was unclear how many children were involved.

But Department spokesman John Harrell told WTLV that other allegations -- not the child's tattoo -- were the reasons for removing the children. 

"When you get into cases like this, is the child being abused? Is the child at risk? Are the actions of the parents putting the child at risk," he said.

The station reported that Garrison thinks the the tattoo played a role in the children's removal. 

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"I ain't never been in pain like this, it's the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. In my whole entire life," he told WTLV. 

Under state law, a child under 16 years of age cannot be tattooed unless it's for medical or dental reasons.

WTLV reported that the tattoo artist can be charged with a misdemeanor, not the parent or guardian. 

Children ages 16 to 17 can get a tattoo with parental consent. Once a person turns 18, the choice is up to them. 

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