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Grassley's accidental pro-choice principles

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) spoke to a group of constituents this week in Iowa, one of whom asked, in all seriousness, whether the government is going to put microchips in Americans, "starting in pre-school." The Republican senator assured the man that this isn't true.

For those who can't watch clips online, Grassley told the constituent, "No. First of all, nothing can be done to your body without your permission. So, it'd be a violation of the constitutional right to privacy if that were to happen."

That is, of course, correct. But as Kaili Joy Gray noted, there is a certain irony in hearing a conservative Republican lawmaker with a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee talking this way.

Indeed, listening to Grassley argue, "Nothing can be done to your body without your permission," it's awfully tempting to respond, "Tell that to folks in Indiana, where a measure requiring two medically-unnecessary, state-mandated, transvaginal ultrasounds are under consideration."