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Happy 13th birthday, Google!


Did you notice that the Google homepage looks particularly cheery today? That's because the search engine is celebrating its thirteenth birthday.

Yes, Google has hit its teenage years.

By now you're probably aware that a Google doodle — a redesigned version of the Google homepage logo — is the highest honor the search engine can bestow on a significant date. So today's whimsical birthday illustration — with cake, candles, balloons, and all — shouldn't come as a surprise.

But what might be confusing to history buffs is the date of the festivities. While Google generally celebrates its birthday on September 27, the company officially filed for incorporation on September 4, 1998 and — according to the Telegraph — the search engine's domain name wasn't purchased until September 15, 1998.

So why are we putting up balloons and party streamers today? One frequently mentioned explanation is that the date is simply chosen "depending on when people feel like having cake" and ... well, what better reason do we really need?

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