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Happy 16th anniversary, MSNBC

It seems like only yesterday the network was born. Our baby's all grown up on us. MSNBC turns 16-years-old this coming July 15.  Our very own Lawrence O’Donnell was there from the beginning. Seriously, like, the morning of the launch, he was on-air — officially, by our count, making him the longest running man in makeup at MSNBC.

Back in the day, shows broadcast out of Fort Lee, New Jersey. In case you didn't program your VCR that morning, he was on a panel discussion with Laura Ingram to analyze recent poll numbers between then-presidential candidates, Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

Beloved journalist Tim Russert took a "coffee break" during their segment (a.k.a. there was a major technical glitch). It was the dawn of the 24-hour news channels, and as they proved in this clip, not everything goes as planned on live TV. They kept it together well. And look, we're still here.

Enjoy this '90s time warp.