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Happy 70th birthday, Harrison Ford!

Universal Pictures

Han Solo, 70? Indiana Jones, 70? How can that be? But it's true -- Harrison Ford, who played both of those legends, as well as many more, turns 70 today.

Universal Pictures

Ford has starred in so many iconic movies, played so many memorable characters, that it's hard not to see him as the whip-wielding explorer or the cool space raider who shoots Greedo. (First. Just had to get that in there, Mr. Lucas.)

Han and Indy are so iconic that we once ran a poll asking which of the two heroes you'd most want to have your back in a fight. Indy won in a walk. Guess hokey religions and ancient weapons (a bullwhip) are a pretty decent match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

But don't overlook Ford's other roles. He plays Deckard in "Blade Runner," Jack Ryan in "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger," the president in "Air Force One." ("Get off my PLANE!") He charms Kellie McGillis in "Witness," fights "Cowboys & Aliens," runs from the law in "The Fugitive," and more.

You'll even find Ford popping up in unexpected places -- he narrates the audio tours and film introduction to the King Tut exhibit that's currently closing out its U.S. museum tour. Because really, who else but Indiana Jones would the public trust to tell them about pharaohs and ancient treasures?

Happy birthday, Han, Indy, Deckard, Jack Ryan, and all the rest.

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