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Harrison Ford channels Indiana Jones for 'Uncharted 3'

This is Harrison Ford's game face.Sony

For many of us, actor Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones (or maybe Han Solo). But Harrison Ford the gamer? Well, that's a bit of a ... surprise.

And yet here it is: With the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 game "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" a little over a week away from launch, Sony has launched an advertising campaign showing the 69-year-old actor playing the hip, young action/adventure game.

With its action-filled, treasure-hunting story line and charming, handsome hero quick with a comeback, the "Uncharted" games were clearly inspired by the "Indiana Jones" films. And so, of course, it only makes sense that the original Indian Jones himself should weigh in on them.

Mind you, Sony has only launched the advertisements in Japan (where American movie stars seem to feel more comfortable shilling for products). But thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, we here in the United States can also sit back and watch as Ford plays the game (rather awkwardly) while making approving comments such as "incredible" and "so cinematic!"

But here, behold the commercial itself:

And for something a little less awkward, here's an extended cut of Ford's game-playing endeavors:

While it's pretty clear Ford wouldn't be playing an "Uncharted" game without getting paid to do so (or maybe that's just my bitterness over the godawful "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" talking), it is nice to see the older Hollywood star give it a go. And in the second clip, he does seem genuinely impressed.

"The story-telling is very visual and very exciting and the action just keeps on coming," he says.

But if watching stars playing video games isn't quite your speed, then check this out — Sony and Naughty Dog have also released the official launch trailer for the game and it is nothing but pure cinematic awesomeness.

Indiana Jones ... eat your heart out.

(Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.)

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