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Heard in Maine: A magazine limit might have cost more lives at Sandy Hook

Along with the new gun reform percolating in New Jersey, several bills for gun safety are on the docket in Maine. The Bangor Daily News reports that most of the bills in Maine have stalled, including a bill to limit magazine size.

At a hearing yesterday, Republican State Senator Gary Plummer suggested that limiting magazine size might have led to more deaths in Sandy Hook Elementary School. From the BDN

“I don’t believe if this law were in effect in that elementary school it would have saved one life,” Plummer said. He also said there is some information suggesting the Sandy Hook shooter was using a high-capacity clip that jammed and that allowed some children to escape. He said the shooter may have killed more if he was armed with just 10-round clips.

Investigators say the Sandy Hook shooter fired 154 rounds in less than five minutes, using 30-round magazines.