Help Wanted: Work at Cambridge University, Play with LEGOs

Princess Charlotte Honored by Britain's Legoland Theme Park 0:30

England's prestigious University of Cambridge is hiring a new professor to lead a new research center — courtesy of your child's favorite toy company.

As described in the latest edition of the Cambridge University Reporter, the new hire will officially be known as the “LEGO Professorship of Play in Education, Development, and Learning,” and will lead a research center of the same name.

The job, the Reporter says, "should be open to all those whose work falls within the general field of the title of the office."

The LEGO foundation, which provided the university with $6.2 million in funding, owns 25 percent of the LEGO Group, the nearly century-old, Denmark-based toy company. The foundation’s mission, according to its website, is "to support children’s play, learning and creativity."

The foundation says that it “actively collaborates” with academics from MIT and Cambridge, and that it conducts research examining “the importance of recognizing playfulness and creativity,” for instance, and how confidence contributes to intellect.

The professorship was approved earlier this year by the university's general board and is to begin October 1.

IMAGE: The Lego Movie
"The Lego Movie" focuses on the favorite toy of many children. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture / Warner Bros.