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Herman Cain's 'Army of Davids'

Dave Weigel

About a month ago, failed Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain released this video, calling for an "Army of Davids" to join him a "revolution." As part of this endeavor, Cain says he and his allies will "descend upon the Goliath called Capitol Hill," and demand support for his ridiculous "9-9-9" tax plan.

Remember, this video is sincere, and not a parody intended to make Cain appear foolish.

Today, of course, is April 16, the kick off for "Cain's Revolution on the Hill Rally and Patriot Summit." How many soldiers in Cain's "Army of Davids" showed up? Slate's Dave Weigel published this photo from Capitol Hill about a half-hour ago.

Dave Weigel

According to Cain's political action committee, Dick Morris, Steve Moore, John Fund, and Dinesh D'Souza, among others, were confirmed speakers for today's event. This lineup apparently inspired tens of people to participate.

In the video, Cain proudly declares, "We, the people, are coming." If he meant, "We, a hundred or so people, which includes some reporters who showed up because they were curious, are coming," then Cain was absolutely right.