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Hope in Texas

Hope recovers in the care of a Parker County vet after her brutal torture (Parker County).
Hope recovers in the care of a Parker County vet after her brutal torture (Parker County).Dallas Morning News

Abused and neglected animals are rescued every day — but the case of a dog named Hope really shocked animal care officials and law enforcement in Texas.

Hope, a pug mix, was found earlier this week, wandering the streets with her muzzle forcibly shut by electrical tape.  Someone had also pulled her tongue out.  It swelled so much, she couldn’t eat, drink or even pant.   Several deep cuts on her body required over one hundred stitches.

Her sweet disposition prompted her rescuers to call her Hope.

Now just days after she was found, she’s giving kisses to children who come visit the animal hospital, eating and drinking, and her caregivers believe her tongue will heal completely and remain intact.

People all across the country—and world—are rallying for Hope, contributing thousands of dollars to her care and to a reward to find the person or persons responsible for the abuse.

Adoption offers are also pouring in.

See Hope’s amazing story, here:


If this link doesn’t work, it’s the top video on this site:

Donations can be made out to the following:

Parker County Sheriff’s Animal Care and Cruelty Reward Fund
c/o the Parker County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Deputy Danie Huffman
129 Hogle Street
Weatherford, Texas 76086