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How to cheer up a stranger over the Internet

Flip that frown upside down right now and turn on your webcam. Why? Because your happy smile could make a stranger's world a bit cheerier today.

It's simple. All you have to do is head to a website called Two of Us and take a quick photo of yourself smiling. That snapshot will be sent off to someone else who did the same thing and you'll get his or her a cheery image in return. In essence — as the site's motto proclaims — you'll give a smile to get a smile.

This whimsical project sprung out of the minds of the folks at creative agency Barbarian Group who — while fans of happy faces — had some words of caution for anyone thinking about using their smile-sharing site for nefarious deeds:

And no cheating, we’ve got special smile detection software to make sure you’re sending a smile and not…something else.

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