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How evil are passive-aggressive emails?

Carolyn Bourne is being called "momzilla" on Twitter, and now has a Facebook page — "Monster in law Carolyn Bourne needs to learn some manners" — after an email to her future daughter-in-law, criticizing her "uncouthness" and "lack of grace" went viral.

Indeed, there's a lot of tongue-wagging going on the social networks a day after the British woman's blunt email went viral on the Internet and was reprinted in British newspapers, but the story has gone worldwide and is aflame on social networking sites.

"All cheers to whoever made the email viral," posted Gertrude Groner of Australia on the "Monster in law" Facebook page. "Mothers that make rules for daughters-in law (but have no standing in opinions-in-law) should learn to shut their mouths and know that their sons are from from perfect."

The email criticized everything from Withers' table manners and sleeping habits to her parents' financial status after the young couple visited the Bourne family home in Devon, a rural county west of London.

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