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How to make a bacon alarm clock

Courtesy of Instructables

By Sean Fallon

Nerd Approved

Courtesy of Instructables

We first featured a bacon alarm clock way back in 2007, but this new BAKON version appears to be simpler to make and a full set of instructions are provided in the link below.

All you need is an old baking oven, a timer, high-temp car paint, a pig keychain from Party City, spare bottle caps, 10-gauge solid wire, some googly eyes, a screwdriver and a Dremel rotary tool and you could be waking up to the sizzling sounds and smells of bacon instead of a buzzing alarm clock.

Perhaps version 3.0 will use one of those combo toasters with add-ons like a coffeemaker and egg cooker so we can start to get a full breakfast going. Instructables

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