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How to make your new Facebook profile look awesome


By now you've probably heard about the Facebook Timeline (and you might've even enabled it on your Facebook account already). But have you figured out how to use this new profile design to make your own corner of the social network look awesome?

No? Well, then it's time to bust out a camera — and perhaps an image editing program of your choice — and make the top of your Facebook profile look as impressive as the one above (which was created by Buzzfeed's Director of Creative Services Tanner Ringerud, by the way).

All you really need to do is brainstorm for a bit and then find a way to make the large cover image interact with your profile photo. The only tricky part — aside from actually coming up with a clever idea — is that you need to keep the proportions of the images in mind to make sure that everything looks perfect. 

So scribble down that the large cover image is 851 x 315 and that the smaller profile photo is 125 x 125.

Got it? Now go make something awesome, pretty, scary, or mind-blowing. 


And if you fail to come up with any creative ideas you can always use a site like MyFBCovers to generate a properly sized picture collage. Or you can be lazy like me and simply use an old photo of yourself taking an awkward nap. 

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